chapter  5
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Subsoil drainage

The provisions in AD C assume either that the site of the building will not be subject to general flooding or, if it is, then suitable steps are being taken. Interestingly, although flood resistance is not covered by the Building Regulations 2000 at present, there is a presumption in planning guidance that development should not take place in areas that are at risk of flooding (see Planning Policy Guidance Note PPG 25 Development and flood risk, DTLR, 2002). This 59-page planning guidance document explains how flood risk should be considered at all stages of the planning and development process in order to reduce future damage to property and loss of life. The planning system seeks where possible to reduce and certainly not to increase flood risk. It should help ensure that flood plains are used for their natural purposes, continue to function effectively and are protected from inappropriate development. The guidance also outlines how flood risk issues should be addressed in regional planning guidance, development plans and in the consideration of planning applications.