chapter  4
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Building the AV Computer

It is important here to begin drawing lines or defining what you expect to accomplish from your AV computer system. Will it be for creating edited home videos to play on your TV, miniature movies to e-mail over the Internet, or commercial productions for broadcast or industrial use? The budget for computer-based video editing varies from under $200 to well over $20,000 with many points in between. If playing video from your computer with images only a few inches across will make you happy, then just about any computer with a basic video and audio card will do. For full-screen reproduction that can be recorded back to tape and played in your VCR, you’ll need to invest in a video card that can produce a 640 × 480 pixel image in composite, S-video, or for the best results, as a component (RGB) or a digital signal. If your goal is to produce videos for customers and clients,

for resale as a special interest video, or to air on cable or broadcast television, then you’ll want to make sure the hardware you select is up to the task.