chapter  8
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Aliphatic resin glue, which is often called carpenter’s glue, is probably the most commonly used adhesive in building scenery. It has a yellow color that makes it easy to differentiate from a white glue like Elmer’s. Regular Elmer’s is in the family of polyvinyl glues. Either one will do the same job, but the yellow glue bonds more quickly and with greater strength than the white glue. Carpenter’s glue is the best choice for most woodworking, but not especially for adhering muslin to a flat. The white glue gives you a bit more time to work before it is too stiff to move the fabric around. White glue also dries clear, which can be an advantage in certain situations. As a rule of thumb, the yellow glue bonds to two-thirds of its holding power in about twenty minutes, while the white glue requires about an hour. To get the maximum hold from either takes 24 hours.