chapter  8
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Building it

Overall field operations are beyond the scope of this book but it would not becomplete without a look at some of the overlaps between field operations and business management. (An excellent book on construction field operations, also written by a contractor, is Construction Operations Manual of Policies and Procedures, by Andrew M. Civitello, Jr.)

Many states require professional licensing of general contractors, and the direct and consequential penalties for non-compliance can be severe. Where a professional license is required, the applicant usually must take a written examination covering state law and administrative regulations as well as general and statespecific construction knowledge (e.g., earthquake, hurricane), and meet the state’s financial criteria. It may take several weeks or months to obtain a professional license, and, as mentioned earlier, some licensing authorities require bidders to have a license even before submitting a bid. If you violate these laws and regulations, you may very well run into trouble. Among other consequences, you may not be allowed to use the state’s courts to sue for non-payment. This does happen. Operating under another contractor’s state license may subject you to even worse problems. The risk is not worth it.