chapter  7
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The management of e-business

Chapter 7 focuses on the management of e-business from the

perspective of knowledge sharing, applications systems, the skills set required of managers in e-business and the management of risk. The chapter begins by emphasising the important role that knowledge has to play in many modern businesses. It features discussion around the key elements of knowledge management that include communication, co-ordination and collaboration. There are many applications systems available to enable knowledge sharing and support activities in organisations. The chapter identifies and discusses the main advantages offered by some of the more prominent applications systems used for e-business and how they can be managed effectively to achieve specific organisational aims. The key to successful utilisation of technology in e-business is

determined by the quality of management. The chapter includes analysis of the key management skills required to link human

resources with effective use of technology. This is followed by discussion on the issue of leadership in the e-business environment. The chapter concludes with a systematic overview of managing risk in e-business. This includes identifying key elements of a risk assessment framework, identifying the requirements for achieving stated aims within the context of each element, and identifying the

risks associated with each element. The overview also includes possible solutions to overcoming or minimising risks associated with undertaking e-business.