chapter  9
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E-business strategy: implementation

Chapter 9 focuses on the implementation of an e-business strategy. The first section outlines the type of strategic controls that are required to link the chosen strategy with performance. Two main types of strategic controls discussed are information control and behavioural control. This is followed by discussion of organisational culture. The key issues raised include the determinants of organisational culture, the main influences that organisational culture has on firms, and the attributes that an organisational culture must have if it is to help firms gain and sustain a competitive advantage. The discussion extends to explaining how firms can implement policies to build a knowledge sharing and collaborative organisational culture. The section on organisational culture links into discussion of developing a learning organisation. This chapter also includes a section on the types of organisational

structures that are evident in the e-business environment. The section starts with an overview of traditional structures before highlighting those that have evolved as a result of the development of information

technology and the internet, such as network organisations and virtual organisations. The chapter concludes by identifying and discussing the key elements of change management in the e-business environment.