chapter  7
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Can It Be Faster?

A Grand Entrance If you’ve ever wondered why there are so many different ways to do the same thing, it’s

because each method has its own timesaving advantages. For example, there are a few

ways to enter Trim Mode. Clicking the Trim Mode button or pressing the [ key will

enter Trim Mode for the edit closest to the blue bar position indicator based on your

track selection. If no tracks are selected, then the Trim Mode button will select all of the

tracks of the closest edit. But what if the edit you want to trim is no where near the blue

bar? Regardless of where your blue bar is, you can also enter Trim Mode by lassoing an

edit from outside the track area. Certainly you could park the blue bar first, but if you’re

going to use the mouse anyway, might as well just lasso and save yourself a few seconds.

Only the tracks you lasso will be trimmed. If you want to lasso an area within the track

area, hold the Alt (or Ctrl) key. Sometimes you have to exit Trim Mode in order to