chapter  8
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Basic calculations

Type of wall Stretcher English Flemish English garden Flemish garden bond bond bond wall bond wall bond

F C F C F C F C F C 1⁄2 brick wall 60 1 brick wall 60 60 90 30 80 40 73 47 67 53 11⁄2 brick wall 90 90 80 100 73 107 67 113 blockwork 10

Area of a square = length × length Area of a rectangle = length × width Area of a triangle = 1⁄2 base × height Circumference of a circle = πd Volume of a cube = length × width × depth

Calculations A bricklayer needs to know how to work out the area of brickwork to build walls and the cubic metres of concrete for foundations. There are two ways of working out the number of bricks:

1. You can count the number of bricks needed for one course and multiply it by the number of courses in the wall. This works well if there are no windows or doors in the wall of for stretcher bond walls, but becomes harder with more complicated shapes.