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Matrox RTMac

Matrox RTMac Matrox RTMac is an add-on board for Mac G4 towers, developed through close cooperation between Matrox and Apple. It is optimized for Final Cut Pro, and adds analog composite and S-video (Y/C) input and output to Power Mac G4 computers, which already have Apple FireWire connections built in. With the RTMac’s external breakout box, you can digitize source material from analog devices to use in your DV editing projects and record your finished projects to analog videotape for distribution. You also get full resolution viewing on a PAL or NTSC video monitor without connecting a DV device to your Power Mac G4. Dual-screen editing is an added benefit of Matrox RTMac. The RT Mac card lets you work with three layers of video and graphics in real time and create effects instantly-without rendering delays while working (effects still have to be rendered when outputting to tape). Rendering is the time spent while the computer processes complex video and audio effects, such as titles, dissolves, fades and so on. Street price is around $999.