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DVCAM to Film Transfers

Laser Film Recorder (Printer)

Laser Film Recorder (Printer) The big names in laser “printing” systems are ARRI, Eastman Kodak (Cineon Lightning), Digital Cinema Systems (Lux) and Pthalo Systems (Verité). These are commonly used in big budget, effects-heavy major motion pictures. The original 35mm negative is often scanned into a “sister” companion laser scanner at high resolution. The digital image is then manipulated, composited, matted or keyed, and the final product goes back to film via the laser film printer, at a rate of about three to six seconds per frame. Light from the laser exposes a fine-grain internegative (5244) film, whose ASA is around 1. The native rate is 4K resolution, with a 2K option. The laser does not use lenses, and works somewhat like your home computer laser printer.