chapter  13
Small games to keep them loading
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ActionScript code is usually only a few ‘K’. But a single bitmap image can easily add 50 K to the game’s download size. When producing small games, you can effectively rule out the use of bitmaps.

There are several ways to group things in Flash. You can use a ‘Group’; the problem with this is that it is not a symbol from the library. Everything about the graphic is stored for each use of the ‘Group’. It is always preferable to use a symbol, since then you are only storing the complex object once. ‘Tweens’ make a huge impact on a file and should be used sparingly in small games. If you can duplicate a clip in code then the

Even poor quality sound at ‘16 kbps’ adds 20 K to the file size for each 10 seconds. If we are going to fit the entire game in under 20 K, then you will need to limit the audio to 4 K at the most. This will give 4 seconds of ‘8 kbps’ audio, suitable for impacts and clicks only.