chapter  3
Simple cut-out animation
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To use the Lasso tool open the project ‘Examples\Chapter03\FatCat.fla’ and select the Body symbol from the library. Draw around the character by clicking and holding the left mouse button. The selected area will show an overlaid dot pattern. To convert a selected area into a symbol press F8 or choose ‘Insert/Convert to Symbol . . .’ from the menu. In the dialog box choose ‘Graphic’ as the symbol type and enter a descriptive name. The

that you give the symbol will be the name displayed in the Library. You can view the ‘Library’ at any time by pressing F11 or selecting ‘Window/ Library’ from the main menu. When the segment is a symbol you can use it as many times as you like either by dragging it out of the Library or by copying an instance of it on the stage and then pasting the instance into

Fl a

sh M


a m

e s

Figure 3.1 The segments in the simple walk.