chapter  6
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Mobile journalism

This chapter discusses two key aspects of mobile technology in the context of journalism. The first looks at tools to help reporters spend more time in the field. The second considers the distribution of content to mobile devices. With the first we introduce the possibility of the ‘virtual newsroom’ where journalists spend more time in the community and are less bound to their desks. It also means that, potentially, journalists will be able to work more in teams because the technology will perform some of the work needed to synchronize people in the field. In the second scenario, mobile distribution may be one future for the delivery of news and information. This chapter considers the content that could and should be made available on mobile devices. Topics covered in this chapter include:

❑ mobile telephone generations ❑ main transmission technologies ❑ wireless application protocol ❑ DoCoMo’s i-mode ❑ open versus closed standards ❑ enabling the virtual newsroom ❑ the virtual newsroom in practice ❑ unique issues for mobile reporting ❑ developing wireless content ❑ the future is still unfolding.