chapter  7
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How to involve and evolve the newsroom

This chapter explores how the newsroom could evolve into a place where knowledge management flourishes. But it looks first at the dangers that rapid news cycles generate, and suggests ways to ensure that news organizations continue to produce quality journalism despite increased speed to market. It then repeats and elaborates on the need for organizations to invest in people through training and education. Much of this book has been based on the notion that leadership is needed to transform news organizations. That is, it urges that change must come from the top. But change will also come from new recruits who are comfortable with digital technology and appreciate its potential. Journalism education programmes are key to supplying these new recruits, so part of the chapter looks at the ramifications for journalism education. The chapter then provides a case study of an emerging news organization that has embraced knowledge management, the Maeil Business Newspaper, a daily in Seoul, Korea. The book ends with a suggested process for putting knowledge management into practice. Topics covered in this chapter include:

❑ danger: speed can trap the unwary ❑ vital to invest in training ❑ universities’ role in the future ❑ the ideal journalism recruit ❑ a knowledge-based daily: Maeil Business Newspaper ❑ putting it all together.