chapter  2
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The re-defined newsroom

Three major changes need to happen in the newsroom for knowledge management to evolve. The first and most important concerns the journalistic mindset and the way that journalists perceive their job. News is moving from being platform specific to a variety of forms because of consumer demand and changing lifestyles. Journalists need to be willing to change the way they work, and this initially requires a new way of looking at their role. The next change relates to the physical structure of the newsroom. Geography directly influences the flow of information and knowledge-age newsrooms need to look and work differently to facilitate that flow. The third change concerns the technology that journalists use and their attitude to it. Journalists need to accept the benefits of technology. At the same time, editorial managers need to see that technology is merely a tool for doing better journalism, and journalists need training to use these tools effectively. Overall, change must come from the top. This requires committed leadership and editorial managers willing to foster an environment that facilitates learning. Topics covered in this chapter include:

❑ attitude: changing newsroom mindsets ❑ links between technology and mindset ❑ blending competition and co-operation ❑ physical: moving the furniture around ❑ technical change: acceptance of technology ❑ from a production to an information base.