chapter  7
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Marketing – conversing with customers

If we are to meet our customers’ needs it is clearly not enough to concentrate on telling them things. We need to listen and respond. We need to get to know them and allow them the opportunity to get to know us; we need to have the most appropriate and advantageous relationship possible with our customers. The sort of relationship will be determined by the sort of organiza-

tion we are in, the sort of customers we are serving, the sort of relationship we currently have with them and what we (and they) want as a relationship in future. Generally, relationships seldom stay the same. Your definition (and that of your customers) of a ‘good’ relationship will change and the opportunities open to you will also change. You need to be clear of your objectives and use the tools available to you to help you bring about the best relationship possible at any given time. In the next chapter we will explore issues such as performance and

will concentrate

communications and dialogue that help you communicate, exchange and build and strengthen relationships with your customers. Although there will be a few areas of overlap, we will split this chapter into conversing with external and internal customers.