chapter  10
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Revisiting your plans

Planning is the core activity of managers. It is how we know what we are doing and why, it is about how we do what we have to do, who we do it with and for, and it is about how we know we have done the right thing, done it properly and achieved our goals. The planning process should be a classic virtuous cycle that goes as follows:

Summarize where you are now, what your resources are and what you are required to do; make a proper assessment of these and develop your ideas of where you could go from here; identify and frame your objectives for change and improvement as well as maintenance; prepare strategies or guidelines for the processes and activities you will need to perform in order to meet these new objectives; write your operating plan along with assessments and reviews; do it (carry out your plans); take the results including assessments and reviews and feed them back into the start of a new planning phase; summarize where you are now, and so on. Planning is also a valuable tool to help you review what you have

learned and direct it towards key areas in your management activities. As this book focuses on meeting customer needs we will use that focus to help you review and plan improvements in that area. However, the same approach can be used in many other areas of the management process. Take advantage of them wherever you find them useful.