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The strangest thing about this book is that we should need it at all; but we do. Nobody manufactures products simply because it is a nice thing to do and services that no one needs survive only in history books or in fiction. Products and services have no purpose without customers and yet here we are considering the idea of meeting customer needs as if we didn’t do this all day and every day we work. We could explain this by showing that there are customers within

organizations as well as being served by organizations. This book addresses internal markets and is here to help the reader identify and meet customer needs across the whole of their working lives. Lack of understanding of internal customers is not the only reason why a book like this is needed. Sadly, we regularly encounter people and organizations who are

failing to meet their customers’ needs. Some of these organizations appear to pride themselves on having good relations with their customers. Some believe that they do enough or do not think it’s relevant to them. Some even blame their customers for their organization’s

The truth of the matter is we spend the majority of our time at work serving a wide range of customers without analysing what we are doing in a customer-focused way. Our perspective is distorted. We are missing opportunities, losing competitive edge and performing below our best simply because we are not serving our customers well. That is why this book is needed.