chapter  4
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Competitors and how to make the most of them

Why should we look closely at our competitors – this book is about meeting our customer needs? The simple answer is that our competition may be trying to take

our customers away from us and we may be trying to do the same to them. As a result of this, our customer’s image of us will be affected by what they think of, and have experience of, our competitors as much as what they experience of us. It is also important to learn from our competitors, as they may have

noticed something about our customers that we have not yet noticed and they may have learned useful lessons that we can learn second hand. If an idea is worth using it should not matter where it came from and, indeed, many of those who think up good ideas end up not being able to take full advantage of them. As Tom Peters said, ‘You can tell who the innovators are; they are the ones on the ground with footprints on their backs.’ You should be making use of everything you can learn that will help you improve your relations with your

Learning where you are positioned in relation to your competitors will also help you understand what your objectives should be and tell you what you have to do to make the biggest difference.