chapter  2
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Team leaders and organizations

In Chapter 1 we considered the job of a team leader. In this chapter we will examine the organizations in which team leaders work. The goal of all organizations is to accomplish some purpose that individuals working on their own cannot achieve. There is no widely accepted definition of the word ‘organization’, in fact the word can be used in two ways. Firstly to describe the planning and coordination of activities and, secondly, to describe the entity formed by a group of people. For the purposes of this chapter, we are concerned with the latter meaning of the word ‘organization’. It is important that you, as a team leader working in an organization, understand the objectives of your organization. You also need to understand how your organization is structured to achieve the organization’s objectives. Organizations are made up of the people who work for them; the way in which organizations work and behave cannot be explained just by analysing organizational structure, it is a little more complicated than that! T

In this chapter we also examine the concept of organizational culture. Organizational culture is about ‘the way we do things around here’; it explains differences between organizations and why the people who work in different organizations do things in different ways and see things differently. Finally in this chapter, we look at roles that we have within organizations and some of the difficulties that are encountered in relation to job roles, we also cover the multiple roles that managers carry out in organizations.