chapter  4
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Operations processes: process choice and layout; developing new products and services

Botchit and Leggit was organized in the same way as many other specialist professional service organizations – with lawyers and other support staff grouped into functions. Work coming in would be passed through each of the functions in turn, depending on the specialism that was required at that time. This was fine when the objective was to have a specialist on the case at all times. The downside was that the process was very slow and expensive, and as a result customers were deserting the firm. A basic marketing analysis identified three major market groups. When these were investigated, three different types of work and sets of competitive objectives were defined. The firm reorganized by splitting the main operations into three areas, allowing each to focus on their main tasks and customer group. The results were startling – customers had their needs met far more closely, resulting in much improved levels of satisfaction and retention, and staff turnover was considerably reduced. Focusing on a limited set of objectives was a great success for staff, who had a much clearer mission rather than trying to compromise and be ‘all things to all people’.