chapter  9
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Managing quality

INTRODUCTION The following is based on information from personal observations and from the Farmhouse Cheesemakers’ Cooperative.

Case study Today, cheeses made all over the world, from Australia to the USA, are known as Cheddar, making Cheddar the most widely purchased and eaten cheese in the world. Only West Country Farmhouse Cheddar cheese made in the west of England by the West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers’ Cooperative, however, has been awarded the Protected Designation of Origin – PDO. This accreditation has been awarded as a quality endorsement that the cheese has been made by hand, using traditional methods and local milk on the farm, and protects the name West Country Farmhouse Cheddar throughout Europe. Specific criteria are set out by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and

Foods (MAFF) for this trademark, which is intended to protect the heritage and tradition of specific foods and prevent their imitation elsewhere in the EU.