chapter  11
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World-class operations

INTRODUCTION The national origins of the Fortune Global 500 companies have changed dramatically over the past few years. The list is now more international in scope, with Russia and China among the countries now represented that would not have been included a few years ago. Although certain countries continue to be associated with certain industries (Italy with fashion and design, for example), other countries have emerged as leaders in industries or industry segments. For example, India has become a leader in technology, specifically software development. India’s movie industry, ‘Bollywood’, even competes with American productions in some markets. Another new star is Brazil, as Industry Week (1998a, p. 48) pointed out:

In South America, Sao Paulo, Brazil, unmistakably is the industrial standout community, a place that really matters for manufacturing. But the rest of South America, or Central America, or the Caribbean cannot be cavalierly dismissed. In Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, and elsewhere in Brazil, there are pockets with the potential to be worldclass manufacturing communities.