chapter  3
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Processes and movement of goods through the business

Where does an order come in? What happens when you receive an order? In some businesses it may be that it starts before this point, but for now we will concentrate on the fact that you have the order, and you know you have to fulfil it. So, what happens to it? If we take the example of tanker repairs and the plan we have, it may be that an outside driver drives on to the site, bringing in the tanker that has to be repaired. He parks it somewhere, possibly where he is told to, possibly where he wants to, or maybe where there is a space left. And then he walks into the building, probably into Reception, and waits for someone to meet him. Does he have to wait a long time, will he be wandering about into the actual factory space itself, or is there a designated area where he can wait until someone sees him?