chapter  11
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The Power of Love

History, for most of us, has concerned bonding with others through our powerlessness, wherever we have felt victimized. At work, we have bonded over what we thought were unfair situations: hours that were too long, vacations that weren't long enough, traveling on our days off, inadequate training, insufficient warning of and planning for change, downsizing, reengineering, foreign competition, new legislation, potential litigation, the grouchy boss. At home, we have bonded over jobs we didn't like but thought we had to do, spouses and children that didn't live their lives the way we thought they should, abusive and alcoholic parents, taxes we think are too high, and the neighbor's howling dog that keeps us awake at night. Shackled by real circumstances, societal expectations, our own sense of powerlessness, and others who reach out to share their own powerlessness with us, we have sought strength by bonding through our mutual powerlessness.