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Unit 6 The marketing mix: place

This unit covers our third key element of the marketing mix and encompasses the means and

mechanisms whereby products and services are made available to customers.

Variously referred to as either distribution or (in the context of our 4Ps) ‘place’, this element for

a variety of reasons has perhaps in the past been a neglected area of marketing. However, as

we shall see, this is no longer the case. It is now recognized that the place element of

the marketing mix is just as important as any of the other elements of the mix, and is very

much the responsibility of the marketer. While acknowledging that elements of the distribution

area of the mix, such as logistics, necessitate specialist knowledge and skills, it is not neces-

sary (nor will the CIM examiner expect) for you to become an expert in this area. The design

and planning of distribution and logistics, however, is very much a marketing mix decision and

has a major influence on competitiveness and levels of customer satisfaction. Because of this,

it is vital that you at least appreciate the major considerations in planning distribution and

logistics, and the role of the marketing function in the design, operation and control of place.

We expect that it would take you about 3 hours to work through this unit and suggest you allow

a further 3-4 hours to undertake the various activities suggested. Other than your notebook

and writing equipment, you will not need anything further to complete this unit.