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Unit 7 The marketing mix: promotion

This unit covers our fourth so-called ‘P’ element of the marketing mix, and encompasses the

tools available to the marketer to communicate with customers and others about products and


Although essentially about communication, this particular tool of the marketing mix is normally

referred to as promotion. This is a very wide area of marketing encompassing, as it does,

decisions about advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, publicity/PR and the increas-

ingly important various tools of direct marketing. Because this is such a wide-ranging area of

marketing, including factors as diverse as media selection for advertising through to recruitment

and selection of the sales force and so on, we cannot hope to cover all the areas in promotion.

Instead, a more realistic objective is to make sure that you understand the process of commu-

nication, the key elements of the promotional mix and how to plan these, and how to manage

the main individual tools of the promotional mix