chapter  4
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Appendix 4 Past examination papers and examiners’ reports

Kodak has built its reputation for innovation by being at the forefront of technological advancements in the photographic industry for over a century. Yet with the digital revolution and major technological developments over recent years, never has the pace of change that it faces been so fast and the challenge so great. The simple act of pressing a button and capturing an image has now taken on an even greater significance in our every day lives. Whether it is assisting us to share memories with loved ones across the globe in an instant, making life-saving diagnoses in hospitals, or enabling us to clinch that important deal with real time images-the power of a picture has never been so prolific. To facilitate its response to change in the complex markets that it serves, Kodak manages its wide-ranging operations in six businesses which are consolidated into two groups: Photographic Businesses (comprising Consumer Imaging, Digital and Applied Imaging, and Kodak Professional) and Commercial Businesses (made up of Health Imaging, Entertainment Imaging and Document Imaging). In the photographic sector one of its recent key developments has recognised an opportunity in the huge growth in mobile picture phones that is currently being experienced. An increasing number of all phones sold in the developed economies now have the ability to transform into digital cameras and through Kodak's Order Stations, with a mere 'point and click' consumers are able to upload and edit their images, get hard prints and save their photographs to disc in just 27 seconds. Indeed, an estimated 75 per cent of all digital images that are forwarded and developed around the globe are being done so with the aid of Kodak technology. But its focus on digital activities does not just stop at the development and transfer of images; it extends to the world beating digital cameras and the latest software that enables users to manipulate images on screen. From the affordable, easy-to-use to the high-end, professional-class, Kodak's digital cameras meet the needs of every consumer. Whether it is the recently launched ground breaking DCS Pro 14n digital camera for professionals or the award-winning stylish, multi-functional CX6330 for amateur users, the company continues to invest in and develop the latest technologies to ensure that their products remain leading edge in terms of quality, value for money and design.