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Unit 1 The development of marketing and marketing orientation

This first unit is an introduction to the development, meaning and role of marketing in the

contemporary organization. In short, this unit sets the scene for the remaining units in the

guide. In a way, the unit reflects the process that must occur in an organization, if it is to

improve its performance in marketing, in as much as the first step towards this improve-

ment is an understanding of what marketing means and how it can be implemented. We

shall start by looking at the definitions of marketing, moving on to consider the so-called

‘marketing concept’ and ‘marketing orientation’. We shall look at the development of

marketing and the notion of marketing as an exchange process, a philosophy of business

and a managerial function. We shall also look at the importance of a marketing orientation

to organizational performance and the issues and problems in implementing a marketing

orientation through building and enhancing a marketing culture. The important contribution

of marketing as a means of creating customer value and as a form of competition is

considered, together with the role of marketing in co-ordinating organizational resources,

both within and outside the marketing function. We shall consider the changing role of

marketing, and in particular the wider range of applications for marketing these days; the

importance of environmental, ethical and social issues in marketing and the growth of the

so-called ‘relationship marketing’. Finally, we shall introduce you to the increasing impor-

tance of new technology in marketing these days, a theme that will be explored in each of

the units in the coursebook.