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Unit 3 The marketing mix and related tools: overview and issues

In this unit, we set the scene for many of the units which follow. We are going to look at an

overview of the marketing mix; in particular, we are going to introduce you to the wide range of

tools and techniques available to marketers to satisfy customer requirements and to compete

effectively. We shall also look at the importance of creating an integrated and coherent market-

ing mix, relating this, in particular, to the elements of targeting and positioning, and the

significance of different marketing contexts which together serve to effectively guide the

detailed marketing mix decisions. Finally, we shall take a further look at the notion of an

extended marketing mix for services introduced in Unit 1. We would expect you to take about

3 hours to work through this unit and suggest you allow a further 3-5 hours to undertake the

various activities suggested. Other than your notebook and writing equipment, you will not need

anything further to complete this unit.