Unit 5 Project management
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Some of the underpinning knowledge for this is covered in other modules and units, and a key

part is contained in the final unit – Developing marketing plans. When studying the Marketing

Management in Practice module, CIM recommends that two-thirds of the sessions should be

allocated to a significant practical project involving the formulation and implementation of an

operational marketing plan. This should cover the management of information, communications

and human resources. The emphasis should be the application of this theory within a marketing

team. A typical project will consist of:

o Planning the project to be undertaken to meet the brief given. o Undertaking the task. This will involve collecting and analysing information and devel-

oping a marketing plan. o Planning, scheduling and resourcing marketing activities within the plan, identifying and

overcoming problems during implementation. o Measuring and evaluating the outcomes. o Reflecting on the performance of the team and the individuals in it.