chapter  7
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Profiting from Inclusion

Once it is recognized that a business is a living organization, management’s obligations become multidimensional. Profitability must share the spotlight with holistic values. Unwavering commitment to ethical behavior, heartfelt concern for the community at large, respect for differences of all kinds and the need for balanced and sustainable long-term growth are principles that provide a framework within which all parties find enrichment, growth and prosperity. We have previously shown how ethical/responsible corporate behavior can, in fact, bolster the bottom line. For further support of this position consider the following:

• In 1996, Marriott International began offering its 185,000 employees (80% of whom earn about $7 an hour) a variety of services, almost none directly related to the performance of their jobs. The employees were given professional assistance with such things as immigration and domestic abuse issues, auto loans, elder care, and housing concerns. The company claims a minimum five-to-one return on the money spent on the counseling services in the form of reduced turnover, absenteeism and tardiness. In addition, they see significant

positive, but unquantifiable, benefits such as increased morale, company loyalty and productivity.1