chapter  1
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Self–Discovery at Work

These three quotes-from a philosopher/statesman, an introspective United States citizen and a trendsetting British businesswoman-represent the thoughts and feelings of a vast cross section of humanity. The authors hail from three different countries and have all reached a point in their lives where they should be able to analyze their experiences with a good measure of insight and objectivity. Their sentiments are reflective of two seemingly unrelated, broad-based movements that have been proceeding on a parallel course. Each appears destined to make an indelible mark on society at large. The first movement encompasses those individuals who are earnestly searching for greater meaning in their lives. There are clear indications that this includes an everincreasing part of the population. According to an article written by pollster George Gallup: “There is a great deal of evidence that Americans are beginning to break their secular chains, that we are, indeed, in a period of spiritual renewal.”4 The second transformation is taking place in the business world, in particular among those companies which are undertaking a thorough examination of their priorities, mission and values. On the surface these movements appear unconnected. As will be shown in subsequent chapters, these trends are very much interrelated and tend to reinforce one another.