chapter  7
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From I to We without Losing Me

Perhaps it is time to pause in our journey and acknowledge the other side of this issue. After all, intimate relationships and strong ties to a clan or a group can restrict the growth of the individual. Indeed, freeing the individual from the constraints of tribalism and unhealthy relationships is one of the great accomplishments of Western societies. In the past two centuries alone slavery has been exposed for the evil it is, abusive relationships have been brought out into the open. Women, children, and minorities have been afforded

the opportunity to crawl out from dependent relationships and express themselves in new ways. Granted, we have a long way to go with these issues, but we have made progress. In this century alone the United States achieved new heights in affluence and offered more people opportunities to take part in our achievements. Shouldn't we have the right to be proud of our accomplishments? And are we not wise to be cautious of the restrictions of relationships?