chapter  2
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Digging Deeper: How We Got Disconnected

Not that many years ago, depending on where you come from, work, family, and community were connected. This was especially true in nomadic cultures in which work was part of the everyday life of the community; but it was also true within pockets of agricultural societies. I recall growing up on a small farm in the 1950s in a community where the children worked on the farm with their parents, the threshing crews went from farm to farm helping with the harvest, neighbors gathered at the one-room schoolhouse for the annual Christmas program, the ice cream social at the church drew more people than the local basketball game, and the social life of the community was centered on the family; In fact, I grew up in complete ignorance of what a corporation even looked like. My Dad was a farmer. The organization had little meaning beyond the fact that I

knew that Dad's milk check must come from somewhere. It wasn't until I was out of college that the organization became a very central part of my work and my life.