chapter  21
A Comprehensive In-House Program
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Mary Poehls, training specialist George Koleas, manager of training and human resources development George Koleas, manager of human resources development Mary Moat, director of nursing/medicine Tom Vanden Heuvel, manager of employee assistance programs Marjorie Wilbur, director of planning WFSI-Milwaukee, and Kathleen Murray, business development manager Sherri DuCharme, human resources generalist Marge Roth, supervisor of infection control Mary Poehls, training specialist

Susan Pitta, controller

George Koleas, manager of human resources development

CE Us Course Accredited Instructor

The Future of Management: Participation and Team Building The Human Resources Legal Environment in Health Care Statistics

Managing Conflict

Establishing a Climate for Motivation

Managing Stress

Coaching, Counseling, and Appraising Employee Performance Managing Change

Managerial Communication: Writing Skills Discipline and Appeal Handling

Using St. Joseph's Data for Decision Making

Managing in a Multicultural Environment