chapter  5
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Audio editing

Fortunately, time has a wonderfully leavening effect on our memories. I can still vividly remember my early attempts to record the many and varied sounds at a family theme park in Vermont on a bulky Telefunken tape recorder, while simultaneously filming the different exhibits on my trusty Bauer cinecamera. After waiting impatiently for the film to be developed, the 3-minute reel finally arrived in the post and the projector and tape recorder were set up, side by side, the projection screen was placed in position and all the appropriate switches were pressed. Suddenly the room was filled with sound and light and we were transported, albeit only for 3 minutes, back in time to relive a unique experience. No matter the fact that sound and vision were hopelessly out of sync! No matter that I tripped over the tangle of wires in the room, dragging the projector off the table and breaking the case. Forgotten also was the sheer physical effort of lugging the Telefunken kit around the theme park for a couple of hours just to record 3 minutes of sound. What mattered was that it had all come together and a precious family experience-with all its sight and sounds-had been captured for the family archives!