chapter  5
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Choosing the right channels and partners

C ompanies large and small, across all industries, are facing crucialstrategic questions such as these: & Can we reduce sales costs, and increase profits, by using alterna-

tive, low-cost channels? How much savings can we expect? & What should we be doing on the Internet – and are we doing the

right things today? & What is the right partnering model for our company? Are we mak-

ing the best use of our business partners? Do we need more of

them, less of them, or different ones? & What should we do with the sales force? Leave it as is? Focus its

efforts on big-ticket accounts, and use other channels to capture

smaller deals? Downsize it? Grow it? & Should we have an ‘integrated multi-channel model’? What’s the

payoff – and how do you build one?