chapter  6
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Rethinking your products and value proposition

I t may seem strange to have a chapter on products in a book on go-to-market strategy. After all, Chapters 3-5 dealt with ‘marketing’ issues, and you would expect to find them in a book on go-to-market

strategy, whereas products are, well, ‘product’ issues. In many organ-

izations, marketing and product development have been kept separate

over the years, with the general view being that some people make

stuff, while others sell it. Marketing types worry about things like

market segmentation and branding, while engineers and technologists

worry about things like product features and functionality. This is an

age-old and fundamental distinction. The gap between the two, at

many companies, is one through which you could drive a truck, and

in which some of the least effective of all internal communication takes

place. So what on earth is a chapter on products doing in a book on

go-to-market strategy?