chapter  10
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The Case for Intercultural Services

The fundamental rationale for using intercultural services is that they are required in order to conduct cross-border business effectively. This rationale is based on doing the right thing for your people from a humanistic perspective and doing the smart thing for your company or organization from a cost-benefit perspective. These two factors have

Promoting Services In-House Frequently, the managers responsi hlc for the productivity and

morale of cross-horder employees are ccmuinced that their companies and orgnnimrions require intercultnral services. However, they may face skepticism and rcsistance on the part of key decision-rnakers who must approve the purchase of services. Advocates need compelling rationale and evidence that purchasing intercultural programs and prcduucts is a worthwhile investment of resources in order ro "sell" rhem in-house. Thcy must be prepared to answer questions such as "Why are inrerculrurd services necessary?" "What dn we gain by using them or losc by not doing so?" 'Do they really work?" "Are they cost-effcctive?"