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Case Study 2 Aydlotte & Cartwright Inc.: reward and recognize your employees

Aydlotte & Cartwright Inc., USA, is an agency providing advertising, marketing and public relations services to the healthcare industry, founded by William Aydlotte, who handles the creative side, and Jeane Cartwright, who manages the business and customer service side. From personal investments of $8000 from both partners, it quickly developed into a multi-million dollar business specializing in services for the healthcare industry. On the first day of each month, every employee at Aydlotte &

Cartwright receives a $10 allowance for the soft-drink machine. Despite the obvious cost, the company finds that the return on investment in terms of employee satisfaction is worth every dollar, according to Bill Aydlotte. The same is true for the firm’s ‘birthday present’ to each employee – a day off with pay during the month of his or her birthday. The allowance and day off are part of Aydlotte & Cartwright’s internal

marketing programme, conceived by the firm’s partners, Bill Aydlotte and Jeane Cartwright. The concept of internal marketing was originally developed to help their clients. Aydlotte recounts facing a roomful of angry physicians who had fired the previous advertising agency. It did not take long for Aydlotte to work out that the physicians were angry because they had not been heard by the hospital or the former agency. So, he asked for their thoughts and ideas, and he listened. After the session, he came away with the account, which remains with Aydlotte & Cartwright. The experience led Aydlotte & Cartwright to focus on the importance

of internal marketing. ‘It sounds simplistic’ he says, ‘but internal marketing is basically listening to the employees and staff in a hospital or company, telling them what is happening and what we are going to do.’ Often, employees do not know what is going on in their organization. They feel excluded and as a result are not committed to or do not support their company’s programmes. If, however, employees feel included in the company’s decisions, they begin to take pride in their work and their employer.