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Case Study 18 TMC: structuring the internal marketing process

In marketing the Thomas & Mack Centre (TMC), located at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, almost as much effort has gone into marketing the building to the employees as has gone into marketing the building to the public. TMC’s General Manager Pat Christenson drove the initiative on the belief that internal marketing is as important as external marketing. Pat Christenson discerned that: ‘At TMC, service is really our only

goal.’ To achieve this aim, Christenson set about developing an extensive internal marketing to motivate employees and raise service results. Christenson named the initiative as ‘We Can Make a Difference’. Christenson’s internal marketing plan began with the development of a mission statement, which set the goal for the centre and its workers. Mission Statement:

The mission statement embodied what Christenson strongly believes in, but he appreciates that for it to mean anything it is his responsibility to ensure that his employees believe in it too. ‘If your people aren’t in tune with what you expect, then it’s all for naught’ he said. ‘We decided that we were going to turn the marketing plan inward; we’re going to focus on the employees.’ To help with the initiative, Christenson found an ally in M. L. Smith, a

professor at the University’s School of Hotel Administration. Smith helped with the design of the programme, and acted as motivator and facilitator of training. The goal of internal marketing was simply to exceed customer expectations. TMC’s internal marketing initiative is captured in the activities and

steps described below.