chapter  3
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Information and personal effectiveness

Do you know Aida? Aida guides me when I have something important to say. You might spot that when I introduce you later, if you haven’t already met. In this chapter you can pick up some tips and skills to enhance your individual effectiveness at work. These same skills may

also improve your team’s communicative competence, the group skill rated highly by Fairtlough that we touched upon in the previous chapter. To be effective at work it helps to be a good communicator, and

that does not mean sending lots of people lots of information. We are opening a real can of worms: human communication is a huge sub-

ject, involving sociology and psychology as well as personal, practical and technical skills. The focus of course will be on computer skills, but set in the context of human communications generally. We will visit the following topics:

& Cultural environment. & Push and pull. & Message structure and content. & Personal and technical skills.