chapter  6
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Power Partnering

CREATING CULTURES OF VALUING Imagine you are head of the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London. A year ago, you granted unprecedented access to the BBC to film life as it really is behind the curtains of the nation's temple of high culture. A year ago, you felt uneasy when the program's producers said, "trust us." "If it is too controversial to screen, we agree to leave it out," they assured you. When the first episode aired on television, your worst fears were realized as the British public was treated to the spectacle of chaotic managers, brutal firings, and collapsing divas. The most venomous performance was by your director of public affairs who, having thrown the telephone to the floor in a fit of pique, yelled the immortal line, "Sod it, the House will actually do what I determine it will do."