chapter  9
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Imagining: Shaping the Future Together

Imagining is concerned with providing a friendly place for new ideas to be born. It is about making them manifest in a way that captures the imagination of those who will be responsible for helping you bring your ideas to life. The products and services you create will be a work of art accomplished by people who share your aspirations and value your approach to being in the world. What you produce will be an expression of that relationship, a manifestation of their collective wisdom-and therefore, greater than anyone individual. As we asserted in the first part of the book, we exist only in relationship to one another. Consequently, the whole power partnering process, from listening and purposing to valuing and envisioning, is an ongoing exploration of your interconnectedness to each other, to your customers, to your suppliers, to your co-workers-to everyone you deal with as you bring your innovative ideas to life. Imagining forms your identity with these people and shapes the context for all future action.