chapter  11
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Transforming: Shaping Innovative Ideas into Real Products and Services

Transforming is about executing your plans and maintaining an appreciation for the uniqueness and direction of your enterprise as people work together to make the dream a reality. It is about transforming ideas into products and services while, at the same time, becoming transformed by the reflexive and reflective insights ensuing from those actions. There are two stages:

IMPLEMENTING Implementing is concerned with producing the products and services that delight your customers. It is about remaining committed to your highest aspirations and staying true to your core values. Implementing means sticking to your plans and dealing with the unforeseen consequences of your actions. It is about observing and reflecting upon those consequences, and developing new insights that become the life blood of your organization by providing the knowledge that enhances your capacity to innovate. In a culture of valuing, people "pull" on

this knowledge as they interact with each other in mutually dependent ways, continually seeking out the patterns of meaning in events as they unfold. In support of the core purpose, they combine their knowledge and strengths with others to leverage more opportunities. Implementing in this way makes it possible for you to achieve much more than you had imagined, both individually and within and between functions and companies.