chapter  12
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Serious and Day-to-Day Power Partnering

To make the distinction between serious and day-to-day power partnering, it might be helpful to think of the levels of energy or degrees of effort required to transform your innovative ideas into leading-edge products and services (see Figure 12-1). John Bennett put forward the notion that there are universal energies organized into levels according to their degree of structure. According to Bennett, the most basic form of human energy is automatic energy; this is energy that keeps things going without any act of attention or anything that requires you to be directly aware of anything. Those of you who have driven home from work along your regular route without having to think consciously of the route will know what automatic energy is. At a higher level, we get into the realm of sensitive energy, which requires more attention because it involves awareness. There is very little awareness at the automatic level, even though information can be taken in and dealt with in an efficient way. With sensitivity, we become aware of our surroundings. While on your routine drive home from work, you might become sensitive to a sound coming from your engine and the smell of something burning.