Forming the Top, Bottom, and Sides
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Listed below are the steps involved in constructing the top, bottom, and sides of the folding-camera, which should be followed in relation to the diagrams (see Figures 2.22 to 2.25). Ideally, this construction should take place in tandem with the initial construction of the dry, waxed-paper film-holder (see Chapter 1). The procedure is as follows:

1. Taking two of the 1/2≤ ¥ 1/2≤ ¥ 13-1/16≤ pieces of basswood frame-stock, three of the 1≤ ¥ 1/2≤ ¥ 13-1/16≤ pieces, and four of the 1/2≤ ¥ 1/2≤ ¥ 8-5/16≤ pieces, attach them to the 13-5/16≤ ¥ 21-21/32≤ piece of Luan using glue, a hammer, and 1/2≤ wire nails, according to the diagram (see Figure 2.22). This is to form the bottom of the camera.