chapter  19
Animation Breakdowns, Slugging, or Timing
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Animation Breakdowns, Slugging, or Timing Before animators begin animating, they need various pieces of information about each scene: its overall length, audio timings (lip sync or musical beats), a background, the storyboard panels, and a way to track who has the art. To convey this information every studio uses its own forms for breaking down scenes for their animators. We use two main forms with our animators. One is our Artist’s Scene Form (Figure 19-1), which includes the scene’s storyboards, the length of the scene, production notes, the scene number, the artist, and the date. The other form is the Dope Sheet (also known as a cue sheet and an x-sheet), which breaks the scene down into individual frames for tracking lip sync and provides the organization for every piece of art (Figure 19-2).