chapter  23
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Rotoscoping The art of rotoscoping consists of drawing over live action to produce your animation. The purpose of rotoscoping is either to animate a scene completely using a live-action reference, or to add animation to a live-action scene while tracking the movement of the camera and the live-action elements. More and more rotoscoping is done these days to produce mattes of elements, also known as rotomatting, within a live-action shot either to remove unwanted elements or to add special effects. For example, if we wanted to visually remove the legs from the character in Figure 23-1, we would pull a matte of his legs. The matte would consist of drawing an outline tightly around the outside of his legs. His legs are now the elements that we may remove or add effects to. In order to remove his legs, we would need a clean shot of the background without the character. The leg elements then would be replaced by portions of the clean background.